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The Oblong Box Shop Brown Sneaky Tiki Novelty Print Gathered Skirt

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 This skirt features my take on the God of War. Don't mess with this tiki wahine in her Brown Sneaky Tiki Novelty Print Circle Skirt. Featuring a wooden tiki as well as a border print reminiscent of traditional island tapa cloth, this versatile skirt offers an authentic look with all the comfort and convenience of modern Polyester fabric.

Featuring all the fun of the novelty print skirts that were so big in the 50s, my Brown Sneaky Tiki Novelty Print Circle Skirt features printed fabric hand drawn by your’s truly, Denialle Von Fitch.

Each skirt is printed on medium weight 100% Polyester fabric. Bringing the bright colors to life, each skirt uses plenty of fabric to create the classic, full look of a 50's circle skirt.

Designed with a side zipper and coconut button detail, each skirt’s waistband features an extra 1” so the button can be moved to create an entirely custom fit. That’s right, you can tailor this skirt to fit your shape exactly! Also all my new skirt designs features 2 pockets!

Featuring a total length of 26” the skirt can comfortably accommodate a petticoat, as it is shown here, for a fuller look.

100% Polyester. Petticoat not included. 

Hang to dry to keep the colors as vibrant as possible.
My skirts do not stretch. If you are unsure please size up.

All art is created and owned by Denialle Von Fitch 2018©. All Right Reserved.