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The Pin-Up Petticoat - Adding Volume and Flair to Your Look

You've landed on the Bombshell Blog so you already know and love pin-up fashion. This classic style has been around for decades and continues to inspire many women today. One key element of pin-up fashion is the use of petticoats (often referred to as crinolines), which are worn under skirts and dresses to add volume and flair to the overall look.

Petticoats are essentially underskirts that are made of multiple layers of fabric or tulle, which give them a fluffy and voluminous appearance. They are typically worn with skirts or dresses that have a full or A-line silhouette, as they help to enhance the shape and structure of these garments.

In pin-up fashion, petticoats are often paired with vintage-inspired dresses and skirts that have a high waistline and a full, flouncy skirt. This creates a classic and feminine silhouette that is reminiscent of the 1950s, when pinup fashion was at its height.

One of the great things about petticoats is that they come in a variety of colours and fabrics, which allows you to choose one that complements your outfit perfectly. Check out the image below for a snapshot of the fabulous colours our petticoats are available in!

When it comes to choosing a petticoat, it's important to consider the length and fullness of your skirt or dress. You want to choose a petticoat that is the appropriate length and fullness to create the desired effect. If your skirt or dress is knee-length, you may only need a petticoat with one or two layers of fabric. Remember ladies, these are undergarments and a true vintage enthusiast doesn't want her petticoat showing below the dress. Our selection of petticoats are designed to perfectly compliment the typical swing dress length of approximately 26" from waist to hem.

Another factor to consider is the fabric of your petticoat. Tulle is a popular choice for petticoats, as it gives a full and voluminous appearance without adding too much weight or bulk to your outfit. The petticoats you will find on my site are made of the softest, fluffiest tulle so that they are not itchy and, even after spending some time sitting, they will fluff out fabulously.

To wear a petticoat, simply slip it on under your skirt or dress, making sure that it sits evenly around your waist. You can then adjust the length and fullness of the petticoat by pulling it up or down as needed. Our petticoats come with an elastic waistband that is fully adjustable and three tracks along the waist that the elastic can be fed through, depending on which works best with your dress.

You may not aways want the va-va-voom that a petticoat brings to an outfit, but they are a key element of pin-up fashion, and no pin-up wardrobe is complete without one. For the outings where you want to add volume and flair to your look and create that classic and feminine silhouette, the pin-up petticoat is an iconic, vintage-inspired must have.

You can find your perfect petticoat in our Accessories / Lingerie section.