The Oblong Box Shop Sneaky Tiki Rayon Button Down

The Oblong Box Shop Sneaky Tiki Rayon Button Down

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This amazing shirt is made form 100% soft RAYON! Soft and comfortable, this shirt will be your go-to button down for your next tiki event! This is a men's cut button down but anyone can wear it!

This shirt features my take on the God of War.  Featuring a wooden tiki as well as a border print reminiscent of traditional island tapa cloth, this versatile skirt offers an authentic look with all the comfort and convenience of modern rayon fabric.

100% Rayon.

We measure all our button downs flat, armpit to armpit, then we double that number, just like how we measure our women's garments. In order to find the correct size take your current button down and measure it flat, armpit to armpit and don't forget to double that number then compare it to the chart below. 

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