Erstwilder Elissa the Rainbow Cat Brooch

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"Just chillin on this joyful day. Do you feel empowered, Elissa? What do you say?"

Cool cats are inclusive, just ask Elissa! The original hipster cat has been redesigned with inspiration drawn from the progress pride flag and is ready to march in the pride parade! Sporting a hand-assembled resin rainbow jumper, with hand-painted details and gold glitter resin glasses, they know that the trendiest thing you can do is accept others, and let your true colours shine.

Please note: Designs in the Pride & Joy range have been created using a fabulously colourful selection of bubble resins, representative of the progress pride flag. Due to a combination of the nature of this bubble resin, the laser cutting process, and the arrangement of the pieces to create a rainbow effect, there may be small black lines visible between layers of the bubble resin. This is a normal and unavoidable part of the creation of these pieces.

44mm x 60mm (H x W)