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Erstwilder Bastet the Protector Earrings

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Felines may be much adored in the 21st century, but the divine Bastet set the trend, having been worshipped for her powers of protection since ancient times.

Ferocious daughter of the sun god Re, these Bastet the Protector drop earrings are part of our Egyptian Revival collection. Inspired by all things Ancient Egypt, as filtered through the lens of Art Deco design, these elegant earrings are brought to life with a stunning textured resin and have been hand-finished with both glittered and patterned resins, a gorgeous gold mirror resin and painted details. They can be worn together with the matching Bastet the Protector brooch and enamel pin, and pair exceptionally well with the Bastet the Protector head scarf.

22mm x 45mm (H x W)